Hearts Awakening

The blood red of the rose has filled my eyes with lustful passion, its thorns have stabbed deep into my heart, oh what an enigma love is. I have flown to the sun, my heart soaring like an eagle, on loves  celestial wings, and been cast into the deepest darkest  abyss, when love had abandoned me.

Solitude was my healer as I navigated the turbulent waters, of self discovery seeking the truth of my heart, Love is the truth within my heart. A selfless love to be given unconditionally, to all who seek spirit, a woman to love my heart was an illusion to me.

My heart slept in loves sweet hibernation, I now awaken to a lady, with the beautiful truth of love within her heart. She now takes my hand and walks beside me, with all her love and sorrow deep within her knowing eyes, I kiss her deeply as we blend our awakening hearts.


For my darling Veronica 14/09/17








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I am a 62 year old Spiritual Healer and Spiritualist Platform Medium, I wrote my first blog in December 2016 about my diet, I really enjoyed writing it so have been writing about my spiritual journey and realisation since then, also adding poetry when inspired I hope you enjoy reading

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