What Being A Medium Means To Me

From my earliest memories spirit have been with me. I can honestly say my journey with spirit has been a life long Journey, from my earliest experiences with spirit to my teenage years, when I thought I was going mad and questioning why. I see things and felt things differently to others who could not see and feel what I was, I realised there must be some kind of purpose to all my experiences with spirit, I started to seek God to find answers as to what purpose my experiences were for, spiritualism gave me the answers I needed to find, this started I suppose I could say my calling to serve spirit through my developing spirit channel, family and friends did not like my involvement in spiritualism, this led to from family asking me to give up my spiritualism as it was upsetting them and in some cases causing embarrassment, from certain friends there was ridicule calling me witchypoo and izzy whizzy lets get busy, some said I was either delusional or a fraud.

I stuck to my guns, and was determined to continue my learning pathway in spiritualism, as I had begun to realise my journey had become my calling, and the purpose of my calling the future would unfold. As spiritual development in development circle, spirit teachings, and asking questions of people much more learned than myself, were helping me to learn about myself and to know who I truly am. I have always struggled in the material world of the earth plane, with what the earth plane expects from us, as worker ants for the world economy, to marry raise a family buy a house grow old and fade away, once I started demonstrating mediumship in spiritualist churches, I saw myself as an on the road medium, and I would travel as far and wide as my mediumship would take me. This is still true of me today I love to travel and serve as many spiritualist churches as possible.

In spiritual development circle, spirit guide Li spoke through Ian Watts, to bring to us the teachings of spirit. He taught us our service as mediums was to Channel spirit, to bring upliftment to all in need, and to bring teaching and enlightenment from spirit, to all who will listen to help raise the collective consciousness of the human race. This teaching from Li I hold dear to my heart, and gives me clear purpose to my role as a medium. and it is how I practice my mediumship to this day, spirit guide Li went on to say that evidence of survival after physical death once proven to us, should be the start of our journey of discovery and learning about eternal life, the journey of the spirit through many life forms and consciousness. to achieve purity and oneness with God, through reincarnation governed by universal law.

The Spiritualists National Union like to dictate to it’s churches, and the mediums who serve them, on the messages that can be given by spirit through mediums in SNU churches, by demanding that only evidence of survival after physical death can be given, this is censoring spirit on what they can and cannot say, not allowing any upliftment or guidance from loved ones in spirit or spirit guides to come through, I find this very blinkered and very restrictive as a medium, and it must frustrate spirit communicators, as they are only being asked to give information about their life on earth, to prove their survival after physical death to the recipient. Information the recipient of the message already knows, and usually has received evidence of survival many times, but has no knowledge of eternal life or spirit teachings to put into spiritual practice, to help them to grow and evolve as spirit living through a physical body in a material world, helping them to overcome the trials of life on the earth plane, and developing the best version of themselves.

Ironically the 3rd principle of SNU Spiritualism, The 7 Principles of Spiritualism is, The Communion of Spirits and The Ministry of Angels, and yet communication with spirit guides and angels is frowned upon and in the odd SNU church is strictly prohibited. with only evidence of survival permitted via mediums that serve their churches and centers. The SNU on their website state, that our loved ones in spirit, continue to show an interest in our welfare and us, but advice given by spirit loved ones is not regarded as evidence of survival. Their website also states, there are spirit people who are dedicated to the welfare and service of mankind, such as Silver Birch Spirit Guide to Maurice Barbanell, and yet communication and advice from spirit guides, is not seen as evidential mediumship. Spirit Guide Li taught us, evidence of survival only needs to be given to those who seek evidence of survival, or for recognition of the spirit communicator, so the recipient of the message can recognise who is speaking to them from the spirit realms.

As a medium I will give evidence of survival after physical death, if my spirit guides think it is needed for the recipient, but also the recipient of the message will know who is speaking to them, to me that is the first part of the message, I will make plenty of room for loved ones to pass on advice to the recipient of the message, can you imagine how frustrating it is, for a loved one in spirit who can see your problems in life, and want to give the recipient advice to help to support them and all the medium is interested in is the facts of the spirit communicators earth life to prove survival after death, evidence of survival should be given as the first part of the message, for recognition purposes only. Leaving plenty of room for loved ones angels spirit guides to communicate their love and guidance to the recipient. Having said all this when I demonstrate mediumship, I see it as a get together with loved ones in spirit and loved ones on earth, and I feel very privileged to be able to facilitate this get together, through my mediumship the love and guidance given by loved ones, angels, and spirit guides. Is truly humbling for me as a medium, it is my purpose to bring the beautiful love upliftment guidance and teachings of spirit, as well as the evidence of survival, it is my purpose to serve spirit in this way, and that is what being a medium means to me.

Stephen Rowlands 08/02/23

Attacked By The Demons Of Religious Ignorance And Hypocrisy

What I am about to write is something that I have struggled with for years, my heart was broken into a zillion pieces way back in 1986, memories come to mind of the girl when I hear certain songs, or something I see on television that reminds of the day in 1986, my heart was broken. December 1985 my friend Del invited me out with his girlfriend, and her friend Lisa (using a different name to protect her privacy) who was very interested to meet me, as Del had told her I am a medium. The four of us met at a nightclub in Reading, Lisa was a pretty girl with long black hair and beautiful eyes. I was immediately attracted to her, we drank we danced we laughed and talked, I told her about my mediumship which she took great interest in, at the end of the evening I plucked up the courage to ask her for her phone number, which to my suprise and delight she gave me her phone number.

I phoned Lisa a couple of days later from the phone box outside my school on the Langley Road, to my absolute delight Lisa agreed to go out on a date with me, we made arrangements to meet for drinks in The Blagrave Arms in Reading, then go to a pizza restaurant afterwards. After a drink in The Blagrave Arms we moved to The Tudor Arms, the song playing on the jukebox was Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, as I listened to the words of the song I knew I was falling for Lisa, she was a beautiful girl and we seemed very much in tune with each other. After pizza I walked her to the taxi rank at Reading railway station, and on that crisp frosty night we kissed our lips embracing in a magical moment, and we agreed we would like to see a lot more of each other, I opened the taxi door and bid Lisa farewell until next time, I travelled home on the train back to Slough, elated I had kissed a beautiful girl, and the fact that she wanted to date me in the future.

At the time I did not drive but I was learning to drive, as travelling by public transport to demonstrate mediumship in Spiritualist churches was becoming a real chore, this meant I would travel to Reading to meet Lisa in Reading. I passed my driving test February 17th 1986, I bought my first car a Cortina Crusader, now I had my independence I could drive to Spiritualist Churches, and pick up Lisa from her work as a live in nanny for a family in Caversham. We dated for several months and I had fallen head over heels in love with Lisa, and I felt she felt the same way about me, one balmy evening in July 1986 Lisa asked me to give her a baby and nature took it’s course. I said to her if you fall pregnant with our baby I will marry you, Lisa was against the idea of getting married but she said, we could live together to raise our child, and if everything worked out then she would marry me. I was over the moon everything was falling into place for me, as I was with the love of my life and we were about to become a family.

August 1986 everything was going well although Lisa was becoming more distant from me, I asked her if she had fallen for our baby and Lisa told me she was not pregnant, asking me to wear a condom when we made love, this I thought was strange as I thought she wanted to start a family with me, Lisa told me that she had asked me for a baby whilst in the throes of passion with me, but she had second thoughts, and thought it was best to wait until she was sure she wanted to have a baby with me. This I accepted as being a sensible decision, I have always worn my heart on my sleeve and I thought me and Lisa would be together forever, and it would be best to build our relationship slowly. In September 1986 Lisa joined me and my family for a day out at a steam rally, Lisa hardly said a word to me all day, this concerned me I wondered what I had done wrong, but Lisa would not tell me what was a matter with her.

It came the time to take Lisa home back to Caversham, as we drove I was asking her to talk to me and tell me why she was being so quiet and distant from me, I stopped the car outside her home Lisa took my hand with tears in her eyes, she told me that she could not see me anymore she loved me it was not my fault it was hers. I begged Lisa to change her mind telling her no matter what was wrong we could work through it, Lisa was very emotional but adamant she could not see me anymore and that it was best we split up, and would not tell me why we should split up, Lisa got out of the car and went inside. I was absolutely devastated my whole world being destroyed around me. I drove home sobbing my heart out feeling that half of me had been ripped away from me, over the next month I was phoning Lisa begging her to talk to me, eventually she agreed to come out for a drink with me so we could talk, by this time Lisa’s job had ended, and she moved back to Sonning Common to live with her father, I picked Lisa up and we went to the local pub, I spent the evening begging Lisa to come back to me, and that whatever was wrong we could put it right.

Lisa invited me back to her home for coffee, promising me she would finally tell me why she had broken up with me. As we sat in the kitchen with our coffee Lisa told me she had in fact been pregnant with my baby, but it was wrong to have my baby as I am a spiritualist medium, the elders at her catholic church had advised her to terminate the pregnancy, as I was a spiritualist medium because demons were working through me, and she had in fact conceived a demons baby. I was horrified and could not believe what I was hearing, Lisa told me she had terminated the pregnancy a week after ending our relationship, saying she had gone back to her catholic faith, because in her catholic teaching she knew it was wrong to be with a spiritualist medium. I felt deeply sick in the pit of my stomach, that she had aborted our child because of my spiritual practice and knowledge, by this time we were both crying, Lisa said her elders had told her she had sinned by being with me, and she had broken the first commandment.

I the lord am your God you shall not have other Gods besides me.

I reminded Lisa that I am a Christian Spiritualist, and that we pray to the same God as the catholic church, and that there is only one God for everybody no matter what the different religions choose to name that God. I reminded Lisa that I wear a cross and know of Jesus Christ and the christ light, and had spoken to Jesus in meditation and given messages to people from him, and that Jesus is the true example of my knowledge he lived and died and rose again into eternal life, I reminded Lisa of her telling me about people speaking in tongues in her church, and were they sure that in fact demons were not communicating through them and they were actually speaking the words of demons. I told Lisa about all the sexual and physical abuse committed on young people by catholic priests and nuns. By this time I was very angry and told Lisa, that the devil and his demons were alive and well and working through the catholic church, and that her elders were being controlled by demons through their ignorance and hypocrisy, and that I thought the catholic church was against abortion, stating the 5th commandment.

Thou shall not kill.

How could she and the church elders justify killing an innocent life, when in their own belief system God commands them not to kill. Lisa told me the church elders justified her having an abortion as our child was the son of Satan, and would inflict great evil on our earth. I was very angry, I felt so dirty that Lisa believed I worked with and was being controlled the devil, and betrayed by Lisa, believing that our child had been conceived through an act of love, also absolutely mortified that our child had been murdered by religious ignorance and hypocrisy, that I thought only existed in medieval times. Our relationship was now over, I drove home sat down asking God Angels and Spirit Guides to give our baby safe transition into spirit and healing, the hurt from this has continued to this day. The fact that our child was murdered by Lisa and her catholic church elders because of me being a spiritualist medium, has made me sick to the core of my being. It has taken me thirty seven years to write about this and put it out there, hoping healing will come, so that I can forgive and through my knowledge and mediumship end religious ignorance and hypocrisy forever.

Stephen Rowlands

Finding Balance In 2022

As I sit contemplating my yearly boxing day blog, I am wondering were to start, going back to October 2021. I was working as a relief worker for Two Saints at their Acton Lodge Hostel, a support worker had resigned due to his ill health giving a month’s notice, as a replacement had not been found, the manager asked me if I would like to work in the community rather than being hostel based. Working in the community would mean supporting clients in sublet accommodation, as well as clients in hostels awaiting sublet accommodation, the clients had previously been homeless suffering with drug, alcohol, and mental health issues. I jumped for this new opportunity as I wanted to do more to help clients, rather than day to day hostel duties. I explained to my manager that I had no experience of support work, but I would love to give it a try, as I hoped to become a full-time support worker, I had applied for the vacant position. this would mean I would have practical experience, and it would support my job application.

I feel I have learned important lessons during my time employed by Two Saints. I will discuss the lessons I learned throughout this blog. January 2022 started with me suffering with covid. Although I felt I had recovered enough to do my first service, which was a zoom demonstration of mediumship for Bognor Spiritualist Centre, the meeting went well although my voice became hoarse, and the meeting was called to time, fortunately before my voice gave out. A private reading with me was raffled, I was told lots of people had bought raffle tickets, because the reading would be with me, I know this sounds arrogant, but it made me feel good to know that my spirit team’s work, through me was touching heart’s helping people and making it’s mark.

I started out with a caseload of ten clients, and considered as a complex caseload, because of the client’s lifestyle, addictions, and mental health. I realise now as I am writing that I had bitten off more than I could chew, I started to realise that I had been thrown in the deep end. As a relief worker I was not entitled to travelling expenses, but I was expected to visit clients using my own car, and I had to get business insurance for my car, as at times I would have to take clients to professional appointments, such as doctors, dentists, and hospitals, or to the council, or to get benefit assessments, or to move clients from one property to another with their belongings. I was also not entitled to a company phone, as I could not give clients my personal phone number, this made things difficult, if a client wanted to phone me they had to leave a message at hostel for me, or if I needed to phone a client. I would have to drive back to hostel to phone them, or call hostel staff to call the client to give them a message from me.

In January 2022 I was interviewed for the role of support worker along with other candidates, I was unsuccessful in my application, and the job was offered to another candidate. I was a bit miffed as since October 21 I was working the vacant post without the correct renumeration, phone or training to do the job being asked of me, my manager asked me to do certain online training courses, but when I tried to do the training courses, I was not allowed to do them as I was still a relief worker. A week or so later I was told they could not employ the successful candidate in the community role, as she did not have a car or driving licence, she had started work at a hostel a bus ride from her home.

I was offered the support worker role. In hindsight I should have rejected the job offer, because it was clear I was second choice for the role, as a colleague reminded me a few days later. But I was happy as now. I would be working on a full-time basis, the working hours were 9am-5pm, which would allow me to earn a decent wage and accommodate my spiritual service, on the 7th February 2022 I started work aa a homeless recovery worker, not only did I have to manage my caseload, a new world of training had opened up for me, which meant I would lose alot of time to do training. I was working longer and longer hours to keep up with my caseload and the admin that comes with it, my predecessor had not done up to date support plans for the clients I had inherited from him, or arranged housing benefit for a client , which led to extra workload, with me asking lots of questions, as I had never dealt with housing benefits before.

It was at this point I realised I was becoming stressed, with my workload as I was working extra hours to keep up, also doing 3-4 services a week online and in person. I was not getting anytime for myself and quality time with my wife. I just seemed to be constantly working, the only respite I seemed to have was when it was time to sleep, as in the darkness of the night there was no expectation of me. and I could relax, at times I still had to meditate to relax enough to sleep, as to what I needed to do or worrying about what I may not have done was heavy on my mind, me and my wife had booked a 11 night cruise to the canary islands in March, which I was very much looking forward to, as I had never been on a ocean cruise before, and it would be a break from everything visiting new places, a time to rest and relax and spend time with my wife, who I missed as I was always working, and hoping to be inspired by the sea to write new poems.

My wife and I were very excited to travel to Portsmouth, to board our cruise ship the valiant lady 21/03/22. We were greeted with a champagne reception when we boarded, my wife and I had booked a rock star suite on deck 11 at the stern of the ship, we sailed later that day having a gorgeous steak dinner before bed time, it was an 80’s cruise and live entertainment was provided by Martin Fry of ABC, Toyah Wilcox, Annie Logan of Altered Images, and Carole Decker of T’Pau, and Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet. It was great to see them perform their hits live, over the cruise back in the day I loved all of my heart by ABC, and always wanted to see it sung live, so to watch Martin Fry singing All Of My Heart was truly my best highlight of the cruise, Veronica spent the first two days of the cruise in bed sea sick, to cut a long story short, the food was great and to a very high standard, the staff were wonderful, but other than the 80’s entertainment, there was not really much else to do on board the ship, apart from drink and lie on a sun lounger, there was also a blues band that entertained during the day in one of the bars.

Our cruise was struck by tragedy as a passenger had to be airlifted to hospital, due to a medical emergency, and we had to sail back a few hours so the helicopter could reach our ship, a man committed suicide by jumping overboard, he told his wife he was going to get some air as she was going to bed, his wife woke up 8 hours later to find that he had not returned to her, and a ship wide for him began, he captain made a tannoy announcement that the man was seen on cctv, jumping overboard and that no one else was involved, under maritime law we had to sail back to the man’s last known position, and search for him, we sailed back and the ship carried out a 100 mile search with the help of the French coastguard, once we had reached the search area me and Veronica and many passengers looked out to sea to see if we could spot him. The man was not found and an eerie silence fell upon the ship, our hearts going out to his wife and family.

Our cruise had been badly delayed, but it was no one’s fault the tragic circumstances for the delays, could not have been anticipated, it meant for me and Veronica that we spent a lot more time at sea watching movies in our suite, day trips were cancelled and our time in port was shortened, we did manage to visit Santa Cruz, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and Lisbon. But basically it was just like being dropped off at the shops, in Tenerife me and Veronica walked around the shops and had coffee in a cafe, I remarked to Veronica “we could have done this in Eastleigh”. In Santa Cruz we hopped on board a coach trip that took us around the local sights and places of historical interest, with a very informative tour guide, that was a lovely day.

We landed back in Portsmouth 01/04/22, we saw the new Royal Navy aircraft carrier The Queen Elizabeth. to be bluntly honest I could not wait to get off the ship and go home, as I felt quite depressed this may sound very ungrateful, but due to spending a lot of time at sea with nothing much to do except eat and drink, and the tragedy that had occurred on board, coupled with the stress I thought I would escape from with this cruise, my mental health was way worse than before the cruise. I do feel blessed that me and Veronica could afford the cruise, but tragedy aside I guess cruising is not for me, tragedy aside my Veronica loved her time at sea and we may book another cruise in the future,

I returned to work 04/04/22 as expected I spent the first day replying to and actioning received emails, and visiting clients over the next 3 months my work load got heavier and heavier due to staff sickness, and being expected to cover hostel duties, as well as my own caseload and my off sick colleagues caseload, this I shared with another colleague who was also feeling stressed about he extra workload, I also had 2 complex clients that were being evicted and moved to another address, plus another client who I was trying to get sublet accommodation for, this involved a lot of report writing phone calls and emails, I was working longer and longer hours to keep up with my work load, coupled with doing 3-4 demonstrations of mediumship a week, I was not getting any adequate rest or quality time with Veronica, more than once I would get home at 7pm a quick meditate and tune in, and would be demonstrating mediumship by 7.30pm. During April 2022 I self published my collection of poetry titled Reflections on Amazon UK.

Over time I was becoming more and more stressed and anxious, as I could not keep up with my caseload and the workload it generated, I was also having to take time off to do training, which was giving me less time to focus on my workload. I had already resigned once before but was talked out of it by the service manager, things were coming to a head as I was becoming more and more stressed and dreading going to work each day, I took a weeks holiday in July, to decide what I was going to do with my life, and whether I could cope with stress and anxiety, and continue to do my job also realising the stress and anxiety, was getting harder and harder to rise above, and this would have a very negative effect on my spiritual service and marriage, my mental health was effecting my physical health as I was finding it very hard to sleep.

I unloaded my worries and woes onto my spirit guides, Red Cloud advised me if I did not find balance soon in my life, I would become to ill and I would be no good to anyone, and it would cut my pathway short, and they with me would not be able to achieve future service, I was reminded when I worked for an agency working around my spiritual commitments, I was rested and the household finances did not suffer, this was a lightbulb moment for me, although I realised Red Cloud was stating the obvious, my stress and anxiety was really affecting my train of thought, I decided to resign from Two Saints and go back to working for an agency so I could earn money have a better quality of life, and be well and rested enough for my spiritual service. 11/08/22 was my last day of working for Two Saints, it was a frantic day trying to complete the tasks my service manager and unloaded on me that day, I was full of stress and anxiety, my service manager asked me to return as a relief I told her I would think about it, a colleague asked me if I would come back as a relief, I told her with the way I was feeling I would not be back, staff had a collection for me, I received a lovely farewell card a bunch of sun flowers 2 bottles of my favourite wine sauvignon blanc and a box of maltesers, I was touched by their generosity.

My colleague Louisa invited me for farewell meal and drinks after work, I picked her up at the hostel she worked at and ranted about the events of the day, but I was touched she wanted to say a proper farewell to me, the sun was shining we sat in a pub garden had a drink and a meal which was most welcome I dropped her off in Gosport after the meal and went home, feeling relief about leaving my job and sentimental about my time with Two Saints, a curious mixture of emotions. I took the following week off to meditate and rest to get my stress and anxiety under control, midweek I went back to driver hire and signed on with them, a temp to perm job with meals on wheels was mentioned, I told them that the hours suited me and the hourly rate was good, I had a current DBS certificate so I start straight away, 22/08/22 I started work with meals on wheels and I have not looked back.

I am currently applying to work for meals on wheels full time on a 22 hour contract, which accommodates my spiritual service, I am renewing my DBS certificate once that is done I will be full time with meals on wheels, my stress and anxiety did not dissappear, it took a lot of meditation and self healing before I felt myself again, so I say to all take the time to be kind to yourself especially with mental health, myself and Veronica had a lovely week in York, to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary 07/09/22, sadly HM The Queen passed away 08/09/22, myself Veronica and the whole nation felt her loss as she was the only Queen we had known throughout our lives from birth, whilst in York I was invited to demonstrate trance healing at Harrogate Spiritualist Church, which was an honour and a blessing to do, 11 people received healing that night, also people saw loved ones and guides appear in the cabinet.

Spiritually I have got busier and busier, I am very blessed to say my 2023 diary is full, 2022 has taught me that I am not 30 years old anymore and I cannot do now what I did then, work full-time and do 3 demonstrations of mediumship a week, I have not got the energy I had 32 years ago, but hopefully now I have things in place, whereby I have balance in all areas of my life and the energy to fulfill all my commitments, I have also learned that I am not as mentally tough as I thought I was, and that self care with mental health is just as important as physical health.

Vir Colorum

Way back in 1978 I put my best foot forward on my spiritual journey, starting spiritual life as a powerhouse in the healing sanctuary, at Manor Park Christian Spiritualist Church (now Slough Spiritualist Church), today I find I have come full circle and rediscovered my calling as a trance healer, with the event of Covid19 spiritualist services and demonstrations have gone online, it seemed to me that everyone was churning out messages for the masses. I said to myself we need to be doing something different to everyone else, as it is all evidential mediumship and no teaching of eternal and universal life, my spirit guides said to me that we should do online trance, so they could come forward and give their teachings, and invite people to ask questions so they could help people to learn and uplift their level of understanding.

My spirit guides and I started doing Facebook live trance in 2020, over a period of time my spirit guides were telling people, that they were sending healing from the cabinet to the people watching the Facebook live. And telling the people what to expect from the healing energies they were creating, such as heat or cold within or around the body or tingling in the body, I must say that the results of this were amazing. The healing was felt around the world, people were messaging me telling me they felt upliftment from the healing generated from the cabinet, and they had felt the sensations of heat and tingling, in the effected area of their bodies, I now know that healing can be transmitted through the electronic digital medium of the internet.

Myself in the cabinet in trance in infrared light

In September 2020 I started to fundraise for the lovely Stacey Cooper, a young lady who is awaiting a bowel and pancreas transplant, Stacey also suffers with diabetes 1 and is insulin resistant, Stacey is very ill and has frequent long stays in hospital. The money is being raised because the hospital where Stacey will have her transplants, is 2 hours from Stacey’s home and due to Covid19 Stacey’s partner and family cannot stay with her, whilst she is in ICU for a minimum of 4 weeks after her life saving transplants. the funds are being raised for Stacey’s partner and family for fuel, accommodation, and food, any funds left over Stacey will donate to her pancreas transplant program, to help others like her. I feel Stacey having her loved ones around her when she is recovering from her transplants, will be a great healer for Stacey.

I did the usual private readings to raise funds for Stacey, but I found it exhausting with my workload and spiritual commitments, and Stacey’s fundraiser began to flounder as no new donations were coming in. and I was feeling that I had let Stacey down, but my workload was very tiring. Red Cloud on of my spirit guides came to me, and reminded me that I am actually a healer, and suggested I do online healing, and I could arrange appointments for when I am rested and recharged. I do not believe I should take money for spiritual healing, as it is high vibrational powered by universal love, and I feel strongly that I cannot take money off people who are sick and in pain, I thought hang on a minute reiki healers charge a fee for their psychic services, as they are in business in the modern spiritual industry, why should I not ask for a donation to Stacey’s fundraiser, so I went ahead and I started doing trance healing clinics via zoom, and the recipients of trance healing donated to Stacey’s fundraiser.

From the trance healing clinics people who felt the benefits of trance healing, came back to me for more, and I channel healing to them via my spirit guides in a trance state on a regular basis, which keeps the donations flowing into Stacey’s fundraiser, also I am rested and able to channel the healing effectively. One of the ladies I channel healing for the lovely Bernadette Pryal booking secretary for Bognor Spiritualist Centre, told me she has benefitted from trance healing and can now walk without pain in her legs and knees, Bernadette was virtually housebound with the pain in her legs and knees. After a trance healing session with Bernadette, she said she could see me demonstrating trance healing at Bognor Spiritualist Centre, and people would be able to see my face transfiguring in the red light, Bernadette told me they were organising a special private event at Bognor, to thank the mediums and healers who had helped to keep the centre doors open, Bernadette invited me to demonstrate trance healing at Bognor, as a thankyou to the mediums and healers who had helped the centre. I was amazed and humbled to be invited to demonstrate trance healing, I was also nervous as I had never demonstrated trance healing to a group of people, the date was set for February 12th

I arrived at Bognor Spiritualist Centre, early to prepare the designated room for trance healing, and to draw source energy into the room, to create the right energies for spirit healing guides to work. With trance we also use music to help raise the energies, to me Enya’s greatest hits is great for raising the energies for trance, 19 people arrived for the demonstration of trance healing, we had them sat in a sort of elongated circle, I introduced myself and thanked everyone and the healing guides, for allowing me to demonstrate trance healing. I asked the sitters to relax as much as they could, as my healing guides will come amongst them and give them healing, also 5 people were selected to receive healing channeled through me, but maybe more would be asked to receive healing through me, it depended on how long the healing guides wished to work for. Bernadette was my helper looking after me whilst I was in trance, and bringing people to the chair for healing, In all 9 people received healing channeled through me, 3 other people felt healing guides giving them healing, one lady said she fell into a sleep state and she could feel healing guides working on her neck. others reported that the healing energies flowed seamlessly around the room, creating peace and calm within the room. I feel very honoured and humbled to be used as a channel for healing at Bognor, I asked Bognor to donate my expenses to Stacey’s fundraiser, also money was raised in freewill donations in total £120 was raised and donated to Stacey’s fundraiser, I am personally over the moon with the results the trance healing and grateful for the sitters kindness and generosity for donating to Stacey’s fundraiser. My healing guides and I have been invited back to Bognor Spiritualist Centre, to demonstrate trance healing again March 12th.

I now feel I have come full circle and I have been guided back to serving spirit as a healer, I feel I must take small steps on this new journey, as I do not wish to run before I can walk, and mess up what spirit want to achieve through me, how I feel right now is off the scale being used by spirit, to ease or cure illness or to take away pain. To bring greater wellbeing to people to me is beyond amazing, and is something I hope to progress with again, I have titled this blog Vir Colorum which is Latin for man of colour, as I have been working with spirit colours throughout my 39 years of service to spirit, thankyou for reading.

Stacey Cooper Fundraiser

Stephen Rowlands 20/02/22

39 Years

Many years ago my spirit guides said to me “we want you to do platform work” I told my spirit guides I was not ready to do platform work, so they kept on nagging me to demonstrate mediumship on platform, it became very intense in the end I threw my hands up in the air, and told them OK I WILL GIVE PLATFORM WORK A TRY IF I FALL FLAT ON MY FACE IT’S YOUR FAULT.
So on the 5th January 1983, I gave my first demonstration of mediumship at Slough Spiritualist Church, I was 23 years old many people said I was too young to be a medium, as I did not have life knowledge, but I was communicating spirit not myself, I was a typical 23 year old man with many life lessons to learn

I can honestly say the past 39 years have been a journey of self discovery, of who I am and my purpose in life. Spiritualism gave me the answers as to the why and wherefores of what I could see and feel, taught me to have control over my awareness, and not be a forever running tap for spirit, I have made some very bad choices in life, and walked down some very dark roads, the one constant that has been in my life is spirit, gently guiding me back to purpose and service.
Looking back I realise throughout my life, I have been learning the 7 principles of spiritualism through my life lessons, especially principles 1, 5, 6, 7. in that way yes I was too young to be a medium, but I am so thankful for the lessons and the journey that has brought me to the understanding and awareness I have now. I have met many amazing people along the way, and I have been humbled by the love and faith that spirit have had in me over the years, and the power of love spirit has to communicate their truths, love, and upliftment to many through we channels for spirit.

Today 5th January 2022 I do not look back, I look forward to future service as a channel for spirit, knowing it is my purpose and my reason for being. Blessings To All 💜


What a challenging but a amazing year 2021 has been for me, I finally said farewell to the security industry after 30 years service, and started working full time in homeless hostels and out in the community, it has been very challenging and a very steep learning curve, but a little bit of empathy and compassion and the will to learn can go a long way.
My heart goes out to all who have passed with covid, the the loved ones and the friends they left behind . All those that are now living in poverty due to covid, as spiritualists our service to others is very much needed right now, myself and my lovely medium friends have raised around £1200 for charities over the year.
Throughout the year I have been so thankful and grateful, of the blessing my life has become, my spirit guides have been reminding me I am a healer, so I have begun to serve as a trance healer, I have met so many amazing people through zoom, the churches and centres have been reopening, it is good to be back demonstrating mediumship in person, I feel it is where the heart is of what spirit do through me, at times I have been so tired travelling demonstrating and working full time, but spirit filled me with the energy to carry on, but now I have realised I am not 30 years old anymore, so have had to make changes,

It was a highlight of my year to serve alongside, and demonstrate mediumship with the lovely Sarah Wawman and Bill Hughes in person. Who knows what the future holds, but I do know if we can open our hearts with truth love and compassion, and live and speak our truth, with love and compassion through our open hearts, many amazing opportunities can appear and happen. Blessings To All 💜

Express The Great Spirit Within Throughout Your Life

How can a person become a medium and clairvoyant?

Every child of matter that seeks to serve the Great Spirit is a medium for the Great Spirit. Am I to say how he can evolve his souls. Has it not been told you so many times? Tell him to love his neighbour as himself. Tell him to serve, tell him to seek to uplift, tell him to do everything which will express the Great Spirit within him. That is the highest phase of mediumship. I cannot tell him how to become a clairvoyant, but I can tell him how to open the eyes of his soul so that the light of the great spirit can reach him. That is by the same method.

Silver Birch

I know the above quote from Silver Birch is old fashioned by today’s standards of equality, but it rings true for all of us whoever we are who call ourselves mediums, and spiritualists. Their is much more to mediumship than giving messages, today we focus on the mechanics of mediumship, how to receive and give messages from spirit, but turn our backs on the teachings of spirit love, kindness, compassion, to uplift all through our service to the Great Spirit. We must put into practice in our daily lives the teachings of spirit, for our own spiritual development and service, to all who are called to serve the Great Spirit as a medium, as Silver Birch says to serve and uplift is the highest phase of mediumship.

In modern times the great umbrella of spiritualism has become an industry, I feel it is a double edged sword, on the positive side the spiritual industry is creating greater awareness of a eternal universe and life, on the negative side the teachings of spirit are being shunned in favour of the mechanics of mediumship and fame and fortune, whereby I have heard mediums talking about developing their brand and the best way to market their brand, this to me is a total travesty of the teachings of spirit, that spirit have been giving us throughout the event of modern spiritualism, we have turned our backs on spirit teachings and the spiritual pathway of service to others, in favour of fame and money jealousy and ego are rife, amongst many mediums who try to topple another to be the top of the pile to gain stardom and fortune.

I have said for many years spiritual development is not for wimps, and this is very true through the teachings and practice of love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion, our spirit evolves the light of the Great Spirit can reach us and becomes more powerful within us, we vibrate at a much higher level of awareness to spirit, and able to give much more through our mediumship, it is not easy to be loving kind and compassionate, to people who hurt us or we feel the weight of the world upon us, and this is where true spiritual development is happening, one of the greatest spirit teachings is to be loving, kind, forgiving, and compassionate, to those who vibrate at a lower level of understanding, people who are unkind selfish who will do anything and hurt anyone to get to where they need to be in life those who are violent hurt, maim, and kill. As I said spiritual development is not for wimps, but putting into practice in our daily lives the teachings of spirit, we can truly evolve as people and mediums.

There is much more to being a spiritualist than just attending a church or centre, to await a message from our loved ones, the teachings of spirit are there for all and given by spirit for us all with the intention of putting their teachings into practice, so that each and every soul can evolve to a much higher level of understanding and awareness, in doing so the collective consciousness of the human race evolves, and the light of the Great Spirit evolves, in todays spiritual industry the practice of mediumship has become more of a cabaret act, than the sacred practice of spirit communication, the 7th principle of spiritualism is eternal progress open to every human soul, by turning our backs on spirit guides and their teachings, and not promoting the teachings of spirit into practice, we are denying spiritual growth and evolution to all who come to spiritualist churches and centres, we as spiritualists should be learning from and developing with the teachings of spirit by making the practice of spirit teachings our way of life through service to others, to me the greatest way to express the Great Spirit within, is through spiritual healing, in whichever way we can heal and uplift others and our world.

To believe in something and not to live it, is dishonest. – Mahatma Gandhi

Stephen Rowlands 17/10/21

Trance Sit FB Live Centre Of The Open Heart 09/01/12 Spirit Guide Red Cloud Was Asked If Absent Healing Is Useful

2020 A Year Of Change 2021 A Year Of Hope Seek And Ye Shall Find

At Christmas time 2019/20 I wrote about my optimism for the coming new year 2020, and without a doubt 2020 has been a massive year of change for us all, due to the covid19 pandemic, where many have lost their lives before their time, and many have suffered grief and loss throughout 2020, as a country the economy has suffered due to two national lockdowns, taking the country into recession, as I write this 25/12/20 it appears we are headed for a third national lockdown, which will cause the economy more harm and take the country as a whole into a deeper recession, The government has done its best to support people with the furlough scheme, and also support businesses that have had to close during lockdowns, but many have fallen into hardship losing jobs and livelihoods, placing greater pressure on social welfare and services also charities, the NHS has worked miracles to treat covid19 patients and to treat patients with other health conditions, although there were many NHS services cutback because of the covid19 onslaught, to help keep the NHS afloat whilst doctors and nurses were redeployed to treat covid19 patients.

My heart goes out to all who have passed into spirit due to the covid19 pandemic, and all people who are grieving and suffering financial hardship, and to those people who are suffering mental ill health, the lost lonely and confused the pandemic and lockdowns, have caused harm to peoples mental wellbeing, it is very hard as a nation to find something positive in 2020 due to covid19, I am a key worker as a security officer and a relief worker for a homeless charity, I was not financially affected by lockdown myself and my wife who is also a key worker as a carer in a care home, we managed to keep our heads above water and live comfortably, and we are very grateful for this blessing, I look to the lessons covid19 is teaching us as a collective human race, as I believe covid19 is teaching the human race it must change it’s ways, if the human race is to survive living on mother earth, during lockdowns the air became sweeter and far less polluted, as people used their cars a lot less only for essential travel, the animal kingdom flora and fauna flourished as they were far less impacted by the human race, we could feel mother earth healing beneath our feet, as far less industrial waste was being released into the atmosphere and buried in the ground, people had time to step back from the rat race the work/rest/play cycle and think about what is important in life, and the direction of their lives covid19 is teaching us the value of family friends and quality of life over money, and the joy of simplicity covid19 is teaching us we will not survive on mother earth if we the human race do not change our ways,

2020 effected my spiritual service and pathway as all my church bookings were cancelled, at the beginning of the March lockdown I thought to myself what shall I do now, my spirit guides came to me and said you will have serve us online now, people will still need guidance and the teachings of spirit to assist them on their path, I have always been against doing live readings on Facebook, as now due to the “Spiritual Industry” everyone is a medium, and becoming a medium is seen as a way of making money, and Facebook was and is choc a bloc with people giving free live readings, marketing their wares to get paid private readings, I decided to start doing Facebook lives in the format of a Spiritualist Church service, to accommodate prayer spiritual teaching and absent healing, and that spiritualist church goers would have a familiar online place to be as the churches were closed, many spiritualist churches started doing their services online, and to me and many this has been a very positive step by doing online services, it has brought spiritualism in the UK out to the world, I have been blessed to meet many people from all over the world whilst serving spirit doing online services, but Facebook live had its limitations and in the wisdom of Facebook they took the share screen facility away, making it very difficult for mediums to give messages from loved ones in spirit Angels and spirit guides, and as if by magic Zoom emerged an online meeting service, that enabled we mediums to give spiritual teaching and messages on a face to face basis, and to replicate spiritualist church services as best we can, in a meeting setting we can also play music during online services.

Through the power of Zoom I am now serving new churches and centers in an online capacity, but managed to actually demonstrate mediumship in three spiritualist churches between lockdowns, I was blessed to give charity readings via the Facebook group spiritual uplifting coming together as one, to raise money to pay for funerals for people who died prematurely due to covid19 run by my lovely friend Claire Louise Sutton, I have also given charity readings to raise money to train a hearing dog for medium Andy Musgrave, and to raise money for Stacy Cooper who has and will be undergoing major operations, and also to demonstrate mediumship monthly on the Slough Spiritualist Church Zoom demonstrations, alongside gifted mediums Charlotte Underwood Bill Hughes and Sarah Wawman, I realised people would get fed up with seeing my face all the time, in my Zoom meetings for my Facebook group Spirit Divine Centre, so I invited other mediums to demonstrate their mediumship for, Spirit Divine Centre and this has worked very well and I am thankful to all the mediums, who have demonstrated their mediumship now, I find myself running an online spiritualist centre I feel guided by spirit to do this, as I feel the need to share spiritual teachings as well as giving messages, so I have been doing Stevie’s GasBag a spiritual discussion group, and demonstrating transfiguration and trance to allow spirit guides to give their teachings, and to answer questions from spiritual seekers, on guidance from spirit we did our first trance distance healing via Zoom, which I am told a few people benefitted from it, so I intend to do more trance distance healing in 2021.

Dedicated to June Moore President Walton On Thames Spiritual Church

In the year of 2020 I have felt very guided by spirit, back in November 2019 it was a freezing night and I was grateful for my nice warm comfy home, and my nice warm cozy bed, I thought of homeless people and how they survive on a very cold night, and how blessed I am to have the comfort I have, but felt useless as to how I could help the homeless on this very cold night, so I prayed that the homeless find warm shelter and food, and that I may be used in someway to help the homeless, in December 2019 I was sitting by my laptop bored, and an incoming email pinged up it was from whiteknights recruitment, telling me that my CV matched there requirements and would I like to become a relief worker for the homeless, I was amazed by how they had found my CV, as for the past 30 years I have been working as a security officer, and my CV is on security job sites not social services sites, I can only say that my prayer had been answered, to be used in someway to help the homeless, I went along for interview that day, and to my surprise being a relief worker for the homeless, has a lot of similarities to my roles in security, my interview was successful and I applied for an enhanced DBS certificate to allow me to work with vunerable people.

In my 30 years as a security officer I have had experience of homeless people, from moving them on from buildings to arresting them for theft, to feed their drug and alcohol abuse, when I was a store detective, but have always felt compassion as to what must have happened to them, to live their lives in abject poverty addicted to drugs and alcohol some mentally ill, or a relationship breakdown rough sleeping on the streets, surely no one can choose that lifestyle realising drug and alcoholism mental illness homelessness, is a series of incidents in someones life that leads to a life on the streets, one memory comes to mind I was a store detective for a well known chain of chemists, a rough sleeper came into the store one day to pick up his methadone prescription, I kept an eye on him as the usual trick with drug abusers, was to collect their methadone then steal something from the store to sell, true to form this guy stole a sandwich a piece of cake and a soft drink, I arrested him outside the store, and took him to the security office I could see he was visibly hungry, on the search he had paperwork on him for housing and drug rehab also a couple of job applications, he told me he was trying to get his life back as heroin had destroyed his life, he was living on the streets and hungry my compassion kicked in, this guy was working very hard to turn his life around, he was not stealing for his drugs habit he stole because he had no money, I let him keep the sandwich cake and drink, this was against company policy as it could not be resold and would have been binned, but I let him keep the food as he was so obviously hungry, I escorted the young man off the premises sending him healing along the way, outside the store I shook his hand and wished him well for the future, he could not thank me enough for allowing him to keep the food.

In March 2020 my enhanced DBS certificate came through, and I started work as a relief worker at two saints hostels, my main duties are cooking and cleaning, wellbeing checks on residents, assisting support workers in their duties, updating daily logs, access control, and being a friendly supportive ear to residents, funding for the homeless has been cut in half due to government cuts, I felt as a spiritualist medium I could do something to raise funds for two saints, so they can continue their valuable work to get homeless people, off the streets and into homes and work, with drug and alcohol rehab and mental health support, I came up with the idea of organising a fundraiser for two saints, by doing an evening of mediumship, with fellow mediums Bill Hughes Charlotte Underwood and Sarah Wawman, but what to call the fundraiser I pondered, my spirit guide Red Cloud came to me and said, why not call it The Spirit Of Christmas as you have been guided into this work, and the teaching of Christmas is all about love kindness and compassion, I thanked Red Cloud a week or so later my medium friend Bill Hughes, started raising funds for Nightwatch his local homeless charity, it made sense to me to raise money for Two Saints and Nighwatch as myself and Bill were working for the same cause, myself Bill Charlotte and Sarah did The Spirit Of Christmas demonstration of mediumship 23/12/20, the total amount raised was £555.48, I looked up the angel number 555 and it told me to expect great change, that evening a colleague told me of a job vacancy nights on a 4 on 4 off basis at a homeless hostel, seeing this as a sign I applied for the job, which if I get it will provide financial security for myself and my wife, and give a deeper meaning to my service to spirit and expression of the will of the great spirit.

2020 has not been without personal tragedy as family friends and colleagues have passed away into the higher life, and I feel very blessed to have had those people in my life, and I wish them well and blessings to them for their journey in there new life, on a happier note myself and my beautiful wife Veronica celebrated our first wedding anniversary, on a lovely holiday we had in Torquay and with the money we saved when our cruise was cancelled, we refurbed our lounge including black out curtains, to accommodate transfiguration and trance, I wrote and self published my first book Messenger, about my early spiritual development and poetry, a real highlight for me was giving a talk on imagination via Zoom to The Unity Spiritual Community Of Salt Lake, I also started a home spiritual development circle that has been disrupted by covid19 but Zoom allows me to continue teaching, and in 2020 I have learned to focus on my spiritual path in life, and with the deepest gratitude I thanks all who have shared my path for the love friendship and the lessons, looking forward to 2021 I am looking forward to demonstrating transfiguration and trance for The Centre Of The Open Heart in San Francisco via FB live, and serving spirit in Churches and Centers via Zoom and hopefully in person, as one day covid19 will have run it’s course leaving its lessons hopefully learned, the future to me is the undiscovered creation and feel totally blessed that my path is guided by spirit, I say to all look forward seek and you shall find.

Stephen Rowlands 30/12/20

Haunted For A Fathers Love

I was taught in spiritual development to seek out the root cause of a condition, whether it be a spiritual or manmade condition, a lot of conditions are attributed to spirit when in fact they are manmade, and vice versa so it is very important to save time and spirit energy to get to the root cause of a condition, in 1988 I was living in Guildford with the girl who was to become my first wife, Val my future wife was a lecturer in psychology at the time at Surrey University, Val met a girl at Guildford Spiritualist Church, who claimed to being haunted by earthbound spirit, I cannot remember the girls name but for the purposes of this book I will name her Vera, Val told me Vera had learning disabilities, and was very worried and frightened by the spiritual activity in her bedroom, where toys and clothes would be thrown around the bedroom, Vera had witnessed her clothes and toys being thrown around, or found her room in a total mess when returning from her classes, Val was convinced Vera was being haunted by a poltergeist. I was not sure as poltergeist activity is very rare,  but told Val to advise Vera on what she could do to protect herself from the poltergeist, and that I would invoke a prayer of protection for Vera, a week or two passed by I came home from work one evening, and found Val and Vera having tea and biscuits, Val told me that the poltergeist activity was getting worse, and that Vera had experienced a poltergeist attack that day, Vera’s  clothes and toys were floating in mid air and moving in a circular motion around Vera by an invisible force. then after a minute or two the clothes and toys were dropped to the floor, Vera was visibly shaken and experiencing distress from her poltergeist experience, but something was niggling me and I was not sure Vera was experiencing a poltergeist. I channelled some healing to Vera to calm her down, I reassured her I would do my best to make the poltergeist go away, I went through with her a closing down meditation to protect her and also placed protection around her, and Val took her home later that evening Val told me that Vera did not have a good relationship with her father after her mother had died, I told Val that poltergeist activity was known to be common around adolescent children and teenagers, usually due to the hormonal upheaval of adolescence or some upheaval at home the passing of a loved one or divorce or peer pressure,  but something still did not ring true.

The following Sunday evening myself and Val returned home from a service at Guildford Spiritualist Church, we received a phone call from Vera crying and in a state  the poltergeist had once again made her bedroom a mess, and she had heard a deep male voice calling out her name she was very distressed, myself and Val went to Vera’s home and her bedroom was in a right state looked like a bomb had hit it, clothes and toys everywhere at that moment Vera’s dad who had come home from work, and started shouting at Vera telling her that he had told Vera not to invite people to the bungalow they lived in, and told me and Val to “GET OUT” immediately my native American spirit guide Red Cloud stood close to me and told me, that Vera was making her bedroom a mess and pretending it was a poltergeist haunting, to get her dad to stay home as he worked very long hours at work, and she spent many hours at home, I told Vera and her dad what Red Cloud had just told me, Vera broke down in tears and admitted the haunting was all her own work, and told her dad she did it so he could spend more time with her, Vera’s dad went over to her and held her tightly telling her he did know how she was feeling, and that he worked long hours as a way of coping with his grief over his wife and her mother’s passing, and apologised to Vera for shutting her out, The dad could not thank me and Val enough for our help and for helping him to realise how much Vera needed him, my thanks are with Red Cloud for inspiring me and bringing healing to Vera and her dad.    

Stephen Rowlands 23/11/20  

The Voice Of My Heart



Stephen Rowlands

Jesus: The Man Saving us from Ourselves by Teaching Universal Life and Love

God within me God without, how shall I ever be in Doubt. I am the sower and the sown, God’s self unfolding own.

                                                                                               Meister Eckhart

As a Christian Spiritualist, Jesus is the one true example of all I know to be the truth. He was a soul living an earthly life through a physical body, and a material world. He was fully aware of his soul connection to the source, that we have named God. He was also a medium and healer, and when he died his spirit left his body and went into spirit, so what makes Jesus so different to me, or any of us, I believe it is now the time to really change our perception of ourselves. As I have long realised he was the personification of us all, his message was very simple I am you. And we can all develop the same love, compassion, kindness, as Jesus by knowing he came to show the human race who we truly are.

We are souls living and learning through a human experience, this is what I believe he was teaching us, when he said, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me” Jesus is an ascended master do we really think that he wanted to be worshipped, with worship it focusses all the goodness and divinity onto him, and makes us blind to our own goodness and divinity, and to his teachings, distracting us from developing his teachings from within, making us the hopeless sinners we are led to believe we are by organised religion.   I feel strongly to say he wanted us to listen to him, and learn from him, about the truth of our existence here on mother earth, and to our soul connection to what we have named God, and for his teachings to be passed down through the ages. By doing this the consciousness and vibration of the human race, would have been raised to  a much higher level,  collectively and individually, this I believe was the purpose of Jesus being here on earth, he was actually trying to save us from ourselves, but through religion we have totally missed the point of the teaching and lessons. Religion is great for souls to come together, to share support and grow together, but sadly it has been corrupted by mans need for power and control.  

Jesus had his troubles and temptations here in his short earthy life as we do, yet throughout his life he taught and guided us, how to deal with our problems, this is Jesus man and teacher, he dealt with his problems with love and intuition, at times he did not have the answers so he prayed, he asked for guidance and direction, as we do when we are lost, he was tempted by the devil out in the desert, for strength to resist temptation he prayed, and in doing so he was attuning himself, to the source of his being that we have named God, and in doing so attuning himself to his higher self, in his life story the source was identified as his father, I know the source to be the father and mother of us all depending on your perspective of the source. I really feel strongly to say it is wrong to believe, that Jesus was the son of God, in fact he was our brother, teaching us of our connection to the source throughout his life, to believe Jesus was the son of God, makes him some kind of supernatural  being, within our human biological mindset.

When in truth Jesus was exactly the same as us, mind, body, spirit, soul, living an earthly existence to experience, learn, give, and grow. To look on Jesus as a supernatural being, is now very old hat and wrong we have to remember that Jesus, was communicating to people 2000 years ago , so the source through him was communicating to the level of understanding at the time, we now live in a time of science and technology, its about time our understanding of life and spirituality, moved along with the times, but man made religion likes  to keep us in our place, so we remain its servants via a man made supernatural being, and making us feel incapable of attaining, what Jesus taught us what is naturally within us.


When Jesus spoke of his fathers house I strongly believe, he was talking of what we believe is heaven, or as I believe the spirit world, the many mansions he spoke of, to me are the many many levels of spirit within the spirit world, nobody knows how many levels there are, as there are many lives and existences we know nothing about, it is a massive universe we live in.   Jesus said he would prepare a place for us,  I really do not believe Jesus meant as religion tells us, that we have to believe in him or the man made religion that adopted him, to gain a place with him in heaven or the spirit world, the place he would be preparing for us would be defined by, the life we led here on earth by our thoughts and actions, as to the kind of room that would be prepared for us. My house has many mansions means to me, that there is room for all, our thoughts and actions here on earth dictate, whether we land up living eternally in a palace, or a slum, a nice maisonette, a council estate, or suburbia. Our level of spirit is dictated by our soul progression, again by our thoughts and actions here on earth, we can as souls go up and down the levels of spirit, depending on our thoughts and actions, the choice is ours Jesus was guiding us to choose love, kindness, and compassion, over hatred, anger, selfishness , ignorance. We all have the universal gift of freewill, so we should make our choices wisely, freewill is the engine of spirit and soul development, let us make the template for our lives the teachings of Jesus, and all the other ascended masters, because they all brought the same message to us, the truth has one source but many different teachers, depending on our level of understanding.


Jesus life was teaching us the universal way of life, but in doing so he upset the religion of the time, because he was teaching us that we are responsible for our lives, and how we live it and not as a servant to man made religion, and in doing so taking away the power that religion had over the people. He upset the local government which were the romans at that time, by the amount of people that were following Jesus teachings, they feared civil unrest with the possibility of being overthrown.

At this time we see Jesus the man, living life by his freewill and choices, because his teachings were love, I honestly do not believe he realised how much upset, he was causing, he was upsetting religion and government, the two most powerful factions of the time and still are to this day. On his crucifixion Jesus said “father forgive them for they know not what they do” but they knew exactly what they were doing, they were getting rid of a trouble maker, because of the collective ego, they did not want to lose there power, they chose that over change and progression, to a better way of life, yes they were driven by greed. I do not believe Jesus wanted to die that day, as he prayed and asked his father for help to live, religion tells us that Jesus died to save us from sin, again making him supernatural but it was the sin of greed that killed him. We have to take the teachings of universal and unconditional love within, make them our living and speaking truth through the heart, then Jesus death would not have been in vain, whether you believe Jesus existed or not, its a great story that can heal guide and uplift us.