Express The Great Spirit Within Throughout Your Life

How can a person become a medium and clairvoyant?

Every child of matter that seeks to serve the Great Spirit is a medium for the Great Spirit. Am I to say how he can evolve his souls. Has it not been told you so many times? Tell him to love his neighbour as himself. Tell him to serve, tell him to seek to uplift, tell him to do everything which will express the Great Spirit within him. That is the highest phase of mediumship. I cannot tell him how to become a clairvoyant, but I can tell him how to open the eyes of his soul so that the light of the great spirit can reach him. That is by the same method.

Silver Birch

I know the above quote from Silver Birch is old fashioned by today’s standards of equality, but it rings true for all of us whoever we are who call ourselves mediums, and spiritualists. Their is much more to mediumship than giving messages, today we focus on the mechanics of mediumship, how to receive and give messages from spirit, but turn our backs on the teachings of spirit love, kindness, compassion, to uplift all through our service to the Great Spirit. We must put into practice in our daily lives the teachings of spirit, for our own spiritual development and service, to all who are called to serve the Great Spirit as a medium, as Silver Birch says to serve and uplift is the highest phase of mediumship.

In modern times the great umbrella of spiritualism has become an industry, I feel it is a double edged sword, on the positive side the spiritual industry is creating greater awareness of a eternal universe and life, on the negative side the teachings of spirit are being shunned in favour of the mechanics of mediumship and fame and fortune, whereby I have heard mediums talking about developing their brand and the best way to market their brand, this to me is a total travesty of the teachings of spirit, that spirit have been giving us throughout the event of modern spiritualism, we have turned our backs on spirit teachings and the spiritual pathway of service to others, in favour of fame and money jealousy and ego are rife, amongst many mediums who try to topple another to be the top of the pile to gain stardom and fortune.

I have said for many years spiritual development is not for wimps, and this is very true through the teachings and practice of love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion, our spirit evolves the light of the Great Spirit can reach us and becomes more powerful within us, we vibrate at a much higher level of awareness to spirit, and able to give much more through our mediumship, it is not easy to be loving kind and compassionate, to people who hurt us or we feel the weight of the world upon us, and this is where true spiritual development is happening, one of the greatest spirit teachings is to be loving, kind, forgiving, and compassionate, to those who vibrate at a lower level of understanding, people who are unkind selfish who will do anything and hurt anyone to get to where they need to be in life those who are violent hurt, maim, and kill. As I said spiritual development is not for wimps, but putting into practice in our daily lives the teachings of spirit, we can truly evolve as people and mediums.

There is much more to being a spiritualist than just attending a church or centre, to await a message from our loved ones, the teachings of spirit are there for all and given by spirit for us all with the intention of putting their teachings into practice, so that each and every soul can evolve to a much higher level of understanding and awareness, in doing so the collective consciousness of the human race evolves, and the light of the Great Spirit evolves, in todays spiritual industry the practice of mediumship has become more of a cabaret act, than the sacred practice of spirit communication, the 7th principle of spiritualism is eternal progress open to every human soul, by turning our backs on spirit guides and their teachings, and not promoting the teachings of spirit into practice, we are denying spiritual growth and evolution to all who come to spiritualist churches and centres, we as spiritualists should be learning from and developing with the teachings of spirit by making the practice of spirit teachings our way of life through service to others, to me the greatest way to express the Great Spirit within, is through spiritual healing, in whichever way we can heal and uplift others and our world.

To believe in something and not to live it, is dishonest. – Mahatma Gandhi

Stephen Rowlands 17/10/21


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Haunted For A Fathers Love

I was taught in spiritual development to seek out the root cause of a condition, whether it be a spiritual or manmade condition, a lot of conditions are attributed to spirit when in fact they are manmade, and vice versa so it is very important to save time and spirit energy to get to the root cause of a condition, in 1988 I was living in Guildford with the girl who was to become my first wife, Val my future wife was a lecturer in psychology at the time at Surrey University, Val met a girl at Guildford Spiritualist Church, who claimed to being haunted by earthbound spirit, I cannot remember the girls name but for the purposes of this book I will name her Vera, Val told me Vera had learning disabilities, and was very worried and frightened by the spiritual activity in her bedroom, where toys and clothes would be thrown around the bedroom, Vera had witnessed her clothes and toys being thrown around, or found her room in a total mess when returning from her classes, Val was convinced Vera was being haunted by a poltergeist. I was not sure as poltergeist activity is very rare,  but told Val to advise Vera on what she could do to protect herself from the poltergeist, and that I would invoke a prayer of protection for Vera, a week or two passed by I came home from work one evening, and found Val and Vera having tea and biscuits, Val told me that the poltergeist activity was getting worse, and that Vera had experienced a poltergeist attack that day, Vera’s  clothes and toys were floating in mid air and moving in a circular motion around Vera by an invisible force. then after a minute or two the clothes and toys were dropped to the floor, Vera was visibly shaken and experiencing distress from her poltergeist experience, but something was niggling me and I was not sure Vera was experiencing a poltergeist. I channelled some healing to Vera to calm her down, I reassured her I would do my best to make the poltergeist go away, I went through with her a closing down meditation to protect her and also placed protection around her, and Val took her home later that evening Val told me that Vera did not have a good relationship with her father after her mother had died, I told Val that poltergeist activity was known to be common around adolescent children and teenagers, usually due to the hormonal upheaval of adolescence or some upheaval at home the passing of a loved one or divorce or peer pressure,  but something still did not ring true.

The following Sunday evening myself and Val returned home from a service at Guildford Spiritualist Church, we received a phone call from Vera crying and in a state  the poltergeist had once again made her bedroom a mess, and she had heard a deep male voice calling out her name she was very distressed, myself and Val went to Vera’s home and her bedroom was in a right state looked like a bomb had hit it, clothes and toys everywhere at that moment Vera’s dad who had come home from work, and started shouting at Vera telling her that he had told Vera not to invite people to the bungalow they lived in, and told me and Val to “GET OUT” immediately my native American spirit guide Red Cloud stood close to me and told me, that Vera was making her bedroom a mess and pretending it was a poltergeist haunting, to get her dad to stay home as he worked very long hours at work, and she spent many hours at home, I told Vera and her dad what Red Cloud had just told me, Vera broke down in tears and admitted the haunting was all her own work, and told her dad she did it so he could spend more time with her, Vera’s dad went over to her and held her tightly telling her he did know how she was feeling, and that he worked long hours as a way of coping with his grief over his wife and her mother’s passing, and apologised to Vera for shutting her out, The dad could not thank me and Val enough for our help and for helping him to realise how much Vera needed him, my thanks are with Red Cloud for inspiring me and bringing healing to Vera and her dad.    

Stephen Rowlands 23/11/20