Attacked By The Demons Of Religious Ignorance And Hypocrisy

What I am about to write is something that I have struggled with for years, my heart was broken into a zillion pieces way back in 1986, memories come to mind of the girl when I hear certain songs, or something I see on television that reminds of the day in 1986, my heart was broken. December 1985 my friend Del invited me out with his girlfriend, and her friend Lisa (using a different name to protect her privacy) who was very interested to meet me, as Del had told her I am a medium. The four of us met at a nightclub in Reading, Lisa was a pretty girl with long black hair and beautiful eyes. I was immediately attracted to her, we drank we danced we laughed and talked, I told her about my mediumship which she took great interest in, at the end of the evening I plucked up the courage to ask her for her phone number, which to my suprise and delight she gave me her phone number.

I phoned Lisa a couple of days later from the phone box outside my school on the Langley Road, to my absolute delight Lisa agreed to go out on a date with me, we made arrangements to meet for drinks in The Blagrave Arms in Reading, then go to a pizza restaurant afterwards. After a drink in The Blagrave Arms we moved to The Tudor Arms, the song playing on the jukebox was Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, as I listened to the words of the song I knew I was falling for Lisa, she was a beautiful girl and we seemed very much in tune with each other. After pizza I walked her to the taxi rank at Reading railway station, and on that crisp frosty night we kissed our lips embracing in a magical moment, and we agreed we would like to see a lot more of each other, I opened the taxi door and bid Lisa farewell until next time, I travelled home on the train back to Slough, elated I had kissed a beautiful girl, and the fact that she wanted to date me in the future.

At the time I did not drive but I was learning to drive, as travelling by public transport to demonstrate mediumship in Spiritualist churches was becoming a real chore, this meant I would travel to Reading to meet Lisa in Reading. I passed my driving test February 17th 1986, I bought my first car a Cortina Crusader, now I had my independence I could drive to Spiritualist Churches, and pick up Lisa from her work as a live in nanny for a family in Caversham. We dated for several months and I had fallen head over heels in love with Lisa, and I felt she felt the same way about me, one balmy evening in July 1986 Lisa asked me to give her a baby and nature took it’s course. I said to her if you fall pregnant with our baby I will marry you, Lisa was against the idea of getting married but she said, we could live together to raise our child, and if everything worked out then she would marry me. I was over the moon everything was falling into place for me, as I was with the love of my life and we were about to become a family.

August 1986 everything was going well although Lisa was becoming more distant from me, I asked her if she had fallen for our baby and Lisa told me she was not pregnant, asking me to wear a condom when we made love, this I thought was strange as I thought she wanted to start a family with me, Lisa told me that she had asked me for a baby whilst in the throes of passion with me, but she had second thoughts, and thought it was best to wait until she was sure she wanted to have a baby with me. This I accepted as being a sensible decision, I have always worn my heart on my sleeve and I thought me and Lisa would be together forever, and it would be best to build our relationship slowly. In September 1986 Lisa joined me and my family for a day out at a steam rally, Lisa hardly said a word to me all day, this concerned me I wondered what I had done wrong, but Lisa would not tell me what was a matter with her.

It came the time to take Lisa home back to Caversham, as we drove I was asking her to talk to me and tell me why she was being so quiet and distant from me, I stopped the car outside her home Lisa took my hand with tears in her eyes, she told me that she could not see me anymore she loved me it was not my fault it was hers. I begged Lisa to change her mind telling her no matter what was wrong we could work through it, Lisa was very emotional but adamant she could not see me anymore and that it was best we split up, and would not tell me why we should split up, Lisa got out of the car and went inside. I was absolutely devastated my whole world being destroyed around me. I drove home sobbing my heart out feeling that half of me had been ripped away from me, over the next month I was phoning Lisa begging her to talk to me, eventually she agreed to come out for a drink with me so we could talk, by this time Lisa’s job had ended, and she moved back to Sonning Common to live with her father, I picked Lisa up and we went to the local pub, I spent the evening begging Lisa to come back to me, and that whatever was wrong we could put it right.

Lisa invited me back to her home for coffee, promising me she would finally tell me why she had broken up with me. As we sat in the kitchen with our coffee Lisa told me she had in fact been pregnant with my baby, but it was wrong to have my baby as I am a spiritualist medium, the elders at her catholic church had advised her to terminate the pregnancy, as I was a spiritualist medium because demons were working through me, and she had in fact conceived a demons baby. I was horrified and could not believe what I was hearing, Lisa told me she had terminated the pregnancy a week after ending our relationship, saying she had gone back to her catholic faith, because in her catholic teaching she knew it was wrong to be with a spiritualist medium. I felt deeply sick in the pit of my stomach, that she had aborted our child because of my spiritual practice and knowledge, by this time we were both crying, Lisa said her elders had told her she had sinned by being with me, and she had broken the first commandment.

I the lord am your God you shall not have other Gods besides me.

I reminded Lisa that I am a Christian Spiritualist, and that we pray to the same God as the catholic church, and that there is only one God for everybody no matter what the different religions choose to name that God. I reminded Lisa that I wear a cross and know of Jesus Christ and the christ light, and had spoken to Jesus in meditation and given messages to people from him, and that Jesus is the true example of my knowledge he lived and died and rose again into eternal life, I reminded Lisa of her telling me about people speaking in tongues in her church, and were they sure that in fact demons were not communicating through them and they were actually speaking the words of demons. I told Lisa about all the sexual and physical abuse committed on young people by catholic priests and nuns. By this time I was very angry and told Lisa, that the devil and his demons were alive and well and working through the catholic church, and that her elders were being controlled by demons through their ignorance and hypocrisy, and that I thought the catholic church was against abortion, stating the 5th commandment.

Thou shall not kill.

How could she and the church elders justify killing an innocent life, when in their own belief system God commands them not to kill. Lisa told me the church elders justified her having an abortion as our child was the son of Satan, and would inflict great evil on our earth. I was very angry, I felt so dirty that Lisa believed I worked with and was being controlled the devil, and betrayed by Lisa, believing that our child had been conceived through an act of love, also absolutely mortified that our child had been murdered by religious ignorance and hypocrisy, that I thought only existed in medieval times. Our relationship was now over, I drove home sat down asking God Angels and Spirit Guides to give our baby safe transition into spirit and healing, the hurt from this has continued to this day. The fact that our child was murdered by Lisa and her catholic church elders because of me being a spiritualist medium, has made me sick to the core of my being. It has taken me thirty seven years to write about this and put it out there, hoping healing will come, so that I can forgive and through my knowledge and mediumship end religious ignorance and hypocrisy forever.

Stephen Rowlands

Jesus: The Man Saving us from Ourselves by Teaching Universal Life and Love

God within me God without, how shall I ever be in Doubt. I am the sower and the sown, God’s self unfolding own.

                                                                                               Meister Eckhart

As a Christian Spiritualist, Jesus is the one true example of all I know to be the truth. He was a soul living an earthly life through a physical body, and a material world. He was fully aware of his soul connection to the source, that we have named God. He was also a medium and healer, and when he died his spirit left his body and went into spirit, so what makes Jesus so different to me, or any of us, I believe it is now the time to really change our perception of ourselves. As I have long realised he was the personification of us all, his message was very simple I am you. And we can all develop the same love, compassion, kindness, as Jesus by knowing he came to show the human race who we truly are.

We are souls living and learning through a human experience, this is what I believe he was teaching us, when he said, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me” Jesus is an ascended master do we really think that he wanted to be worshipped, with worship it focusses all the goodness and divinity onto him, and makes us blind to our own goodness and divinity, and to his teachings, distracting us from developing his teachings from within, making us the hopeless sinners we are led to believe we are by organised religion.   I feel strongly to say he wanted us to listen to him, and learn from him, about the truth of our existence here on mother earth, and to our soul connection to what we have named God, and for his teachings to be passed down through the ages. By doing this the consciousness and vibration of the human race, would have been raised to  a much higher level,  collectively and individually, this I believe was the purpose of Jesus being here on earth, he was actually trying to save us from ourselves, but through religion we have totally missed the point of the teaching and lessons. Religion is great for souls to come together, to share support and grow together, but sadly it has been corrupted by mans need for power and control.  

Jesus had his troubles and temptations here in his short earthy life as we do, yet throughout his life he taught and guided us, how to deal with our problems, this is Jesus man and teacher, he dealt with his problems with love and intuition, at times he did not have the answers so he prayed, he asked for guidance and direction, as we do when we are lost, he was tempted by the devil out in the desert, for strength to resist temptation he prayed, and in doing so he was attuning himself, to the source of his being that we have named God, and in doing so attuning himself to his higher self, in his life story the source was identified as his father, I know the source to be the father and mother of us all depending on your perspective of the source. I really feel strongly to say it is wrong to believe, that Jesus was the son of God, in fact he was our brother, teaching us of our connection to the source throughout his life, to believe Jesus was the son of God, makes him some kind of supernatural  being, within our human biological mindset.

When in truth Jesus was exactly the same as us, mind, body, spirit, soul, living an earthly existence to experience, learn, give, and grow. To look on Jesus as a supernatural being, is now very old hat and wrong we have to remember that Jesus, was communicating to people 2000 years ago , so the source through him was communicating to the level of understanding at the time, we now live in a time of science and technology, its about time our understanding of life and spirituality, moved along with the times, but man made religion likes  to keep us in our place, so we remain its servants via a man made supernatural being, and making us feel incapable of attaining, what Jesus taught us what is naturally within us.


When Jesus spoke of his fathers house I strongly believe, he was talking of what we believe is heaven, or as I believe the spirit world, the many mansions he spoke of, to me are the many many levels of spirit within the spirit world, nobody knows how many levels there are, as there are many lives and existences we know nothing about, it is a massive universe we live in.   Jesus said he would prepare a place for us,  I really do not believe Jesus meant as religion tells us, that we have to believe in him or the man made religion that adopted him, to gain a place with him in heaven or the spirit world, the place he would be preparing for us would be defined by, the life we led here on earth by our thoughts and actions, as to the kind of room that would be prepared for us. My house has many mansions means to me, that there is room for all, our thoughts and actions here on earth dictate, whether we land up living eternally in a palace, or a slum, a nice maisonette, a council estate, or suburbia. Our level of spirit is dictated by our soul progression, again by our thoughts and actions here on earth, we can as souls go up and down the levels of spirit, depending on our thoughts and actions, the choice is ours Jesus was guiding us to choose love, kindness, and compassion, over hatred, anger, selfishness , ignorance. We all have the universal gift of freewill, so we should make our choices wisely, freewill is the engine of spirit and soul development, let us make the template for our lives the teachings of Jesus, and all the other ascended masters, because they all brought the same message to us, the truth has one source but many different teachers, depending on our level of understanding.


Jesus life was teaching us the universal way of life, but in doing so he upset the religion of the time, because he was teaching us that we are responsible for our lives, and how we live it and not as a servant to man made religion, and in doing so taking away the power that religion had over the people. He upset the local government which were the romans at that time, by the amount of people that were following Jesus teachings, they feared civil unrest with the possibility of being overthrown.

At this time we see Jesus the man, living life by his freewill and choices, because his teachings were love, I honestly do not believe he realised how much upset, he was causing, he was upsetting religion and government, the two most powerful factions of the time and still are to this day. On his crucifixion Jesus said “father forgive them for they know not what they do” but they knew exactly what they were doing, they were getting rid of a trouble maker, because of the collective ego, they did not want to lose there power, they chose that over change and progression, to a better way of life, yes they were driven by greed. I do not believe Jesus wanted to die that day, as he prayed and asked his father for help to live, religion tells us that Jesus died to save us from sin, again making him supernatural but it was the sin of greed that killed him. We have to take the teachings of universal and unconditional love within, make them our living and speaking truth through the heart, then Jesus death would not have been in vain, whether you believe Jesus existed or not, its a great story that can heal guide and uplift us.