What Being A Medium Means To Me

From my earliest memories spirit have been with me. I can honestly say my journey with spirit has been a life long Journey, from my earliest experiences with spirit to my teenage years, when I thought I was going mad and questioning why. I see things and felt things differently to others who could not see and feel what I was, I realised there must be some kind of purpose to all my experiences with spirit, I started to seek God to find answers as to what purpose my experiences were for, spiritualism gave me the answers I needed to find, this started I suppose I could say my calling to serve spirit through my developing spirit channel, family and friends did not like my involvement in spiritualism, this led to from family asking me to give up my spiritualism as it was upsetting them and in some cases causing embarrassment, from certain friends there was ridicule calling me witchypoo and izzy whizzy lets get busy, some said I was either delusional or a fraud.

I stuck to my guns, and was determined to continue my learning pathway in spiritualism, as I had begun to realise my journey had become my calling, and the purpose of my calling the future would unfold. As spiritual development in development circle, spirit teachings, and asking questions of people much more learned than myself, were helping me to learn about myself and to know who I truly am. I have always struggled in the material world of the earth plane, with what the earth plane expects from us, as worker ants for the world economy, to marry raise a family buy a house grow old and fade away, once I started demonstrating mediumship in spiritualist churches, I saw myself as an on the road medium, and I would travel as far and wide as my mediumship would take me. This is still true of me today I love to travel and serve as many spiritualist churches as possible.

In spiritual development circle, spirit guide Li spoke through Ian Watts, to bring to us the teachings of spirit. He taught us our service as mediums was to Channel spirit, to bring upliftment to all in need, and to bring teaching and enlightenment from spirit, to all who will listen to help raise the collective consciousness of the human race. This teaching from Li I hold dear to my heart, and gives me clear purpose to my role as a medium. and it is how I practice my mediumship to this day, spirit guide Li went on to say that evidence of survival after physical death once proven to us, should be the start of our journey of discovery and learning about eternal life, the journey of the spirit through many life forms and consciousness. to achieve purity and oneness with God, through reincarnation governed by universal law.

The Spiritualists National Union like to dictate to it’s churches, and the mediums who serve them, on the messages that can be given by spirit through mediums in SNU churches, by demanding that only evidence of survival after physical death can be given, this is censoring spirit on what they can and cannot say, not allowing any upliftment or guidance from loved ones in spirit or spirit guides to come through, I find this very blinkered and very restrictive as a medium, and it must frustrate spirit communicators, as they are only being asked to give information about their life on earth, to prove their survival after physical death to the recipient. Information the recipient of the message already knows, and usually has received evidence of survival many times, but has no knowledge of eternal life or spirit teachings to put into spiritual practice, to help them to grow and evolve as spirit living through a physical body in a material world, helping them to overcome the trials of life on the earth plane, and developing the best version of themselves.

Ironically the 3rd principle of SNU Spiritualism, The 7 Principles of Spiritualism is, The Communion of Spirits and The Ministry of Angels, and yet communication with spirit guides and angels is frowned upon and in the odd SNU church is strictly prohibited. with only evidence of survival permitted via mediums that serve their churches and centers. The SNU on their website state, that our loved ones in spirit, continue to show an interest in our welfare and us, but advice given by spirit loved ones is not regarded as evidence of survival. Their website also states, there are spirit people who are dedicated to the welfare and service of mankind, such as Silver Birch Spirit Guide to Maurice Barbanell, and yet communication and advice from spirit guides, is not seen as evidential mediumship. Spirit Guide Li taught us, evidence of survival only needs to be given to those who seek evidence of survival, or for recognition of the spirit communicator, so the recipient of the message can recognise who is speaking to them from the spirit realms.

As a medium I will give evidence of survival after physical death, if my spirit guides think it is needed for the recipient, but also the recipient of the message will know who is speaking to them, to me that is the first part of the message, I will make plenty of room for loved ones to pass on advice to the recipient of the message, can you imagine how frustrating it is, for a loved one in spirit who can see your problems in life, and want to give the recipient advice to help to support them and all the medium is interested in is the facts of the spirit communicators earth life to prove survival after death, evidence of survival should be given as the first part of the message, for recognition purposes only. Leaving plenty of room for loved ones angels spirit guides to communicate their love and guidance to the recipient. Having said all this when I demonstrate mediumship, I see it as a get together with loved ones in spirit and loved ones on earth, and I feel very privileged to be able to facilitate this get together, through my mediumship the love and guidance given by loved ones, angels, and spirit guides. Is truly humbling for me as a medium, it is my purpose to bring the beautiful love upliftment guidance and teachings of spirit, as well as the evidence of survival, it is my purpose to serve spirit in this way, and that is what being a medium means to me.

Stephen Rowlands 08/02/23


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I am a 62 year old Spiritual Healer and Spiritualist Platform Medium, I wrote my first blog in December 2016 about my diet, I really enjoyed writing it so have been writing about my spiritual journey and realisation since then, also adding poetry when inspired I hope you enjoy reading

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