TWILIGHT THOUGHTS: Navigating A Energy Shift In Service And Life 17/09/17


Sitting talking in the twilight smoking a cigarette, chilled wine on table, my Veronica lying beside me on my bed, we are watching A Midsummer Nights Dream. A lovely Sunday evening once upon a time I craved moments like this, but the past is gone I sit here now  within the moment feeling blessed, my road has led me here to this moment, writing my thoughts to share.

The last few weeks have been hard for me on a emotional level, where I have questioned my progress in life, my being and where I may progress to in life. With past memories showing me all that I was, there must be an answer to my visions of yesteryear, to where I am now through this gloomy grief, my heart finally grieving for my beloved father, so much I wish I had discovered about him as a person, when he was here on earth with us. With sad regret I wish I had realised my dad, was a spiritual man and wandering star his favourite song, a song that I love to.

Something happened to me that day 06/08/17 just after service, at The House Of the Good Shepherd Spiritualist Church in Uxbridge. A church that holds so many memories for me, I used to serve there in the mid 1980’s as a young medium, I have a strong memory of giving the chairpersons sister. A message from a young boy who tried to swim across the River Thames, in wartime London but he drowned halfway across, the chairperson Evelyn cried it was her son.

Standing in the church about to take my Veronica home, a powerful vision within my minds eye, of me as a young 25 year old man standing in the church, looking straight at my 57 year old self, now weary on this road of life, a lump came into my throat, I wanted to cry why I wanted to cry has caused me much pondering, my younger self had so much energy, discovering himself vocation found.  lifes journey has led me back into spiritualism, a yearning to reach my lifes purpose and full potential weary of trying to prove myself, as it is a whole new world in modern spiritualism. But press on I must as Spirit keep telling me, my niche in this new life is coming, patience is not my strong point, but patient I must be, my emotions have been all over the place, is this the massive energy shift of the divine masculine and feminine, manifesting here on earth, I have really been questioning myself, my sexuality, and my place in this life, and what I need to become.

My link with Spirit has become stronger, as I have been doing more trance work, so I was confident when I headed to The Boudoir in Soho London, 10/09/17 to demonstrate mediumship to a LGBT audience. Who I must say were very welcoming and friendly, a very atmospheric venue I was sure the demonstration would go well, the organiser of the event was expecting me to prove survival after death, but alas my demonstration was mostly psychic, although the messages given were very accurate and well received, there was one lady who could place two elderly communicators from Spirit, and the message they gave her, but to the organisers dismay I worked mostly on a psychic link, and made her feelings known to me. All I could put it down to was the fact that I have been feeling down of late, Spirit tend to work more psychically when the channel is feeling low,  I do feel  strongly to say that messages from Spirit Guides, are still good evidence as they tell us of things, that are going on around us, and that to me is still evidence of survival, Spirit Guides were once people who walked the earth, and can see what is going on around us, so to me there messages are evidential proof of survival. Where else would I or any other medium get that information from, and I ask why should messages from Spirit Guides be termed as psychic, the organiser did say she booked me to demonstrate mediumship, and I feel I did as it was billed as a psychic event, I can see the irony in it, the difference between psychic and mediumship needs to be clarified.

I again stood in at The House of The Good Shepherd Uxbridge, 24/09/17 as the booked medium had cancelled, my Spirit Guide Jerome communicated a thoughtful address, and loved ones communicated there messages, with accuracy, love, and humour. A total contrast from the demo at The Boudoir, this energy shift is effecting me on all levels, I hope now things are beginning to settle, as I have found it most challenging, and I hope a better me will emerge  from it, for now I continue my journey of psychic mediumship and self discovery.



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I am a 62 year old Spiritual Healer and Spiritualist Platform Medium, I wrote my first blog in December 2016 about my diet, I really enjoyed writing it so have been writing about my spiritual journey and realisation since then, also adding poetry when inspired I hope you enjoy reading

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